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Are you interested in a full or part-time income selling computer generated psychic readings?

Starting your eScopes business


Since this is a software product, the first thing you need is a computer (desktop or laptop), running the latest version of Windows NT, 2000, XP or Vista. A desktop can be used if you have your own transportation, but a laptop is certainly easier when using public transit.

my computer

In order to print out reports, strangely enough, a printer is needed. We recommend the Brother HL 2040. This printer is small & light (14.6 x 6.5 x 14.2 in. & weighs 14.3 pounds) or (37 x 16.5 x 36 cm & weighs 6.5 kilos). It prints 20 ppm and travels to every show we do in a suitcase.

my printer

To do the palm analysis a scanner is needed and for that we recommend the CanoScan® LiDE70. Small and light (10.2"(W) x 1.6"(H) x 14.8"(D) & weighs 3.8 lbs) or (26 cm(W) x 4 cm(H) x 37.5 cm(D) & weighs 1.7 kilos), this also travels to every show in the same suitcase as the printer.

my scanner

Some things you will need to bring with you. A plastic container to hold everything which doubles as a small dias on which the scanner placed. Inside goes your cables, extension cord, extra toner, duct tape, stapler, staples, scissors, pens, coupons (printed out of eScopes), cloth to wipe the scanner after each use & cloth which matches table cloth to cover the plastic box when you place the scanner on it.

everything else

Everything packs into a medium size suitcase which we can find at our local market for €10. Inside is the filled plastic storage box, printer, scanner (wrapped in the table cloth), banner, signs and a pack of paper (500 sheets).

The laptop I carry in a backback specially designed for laptops.

When the suitcase has been filled, pull out the handle and go out to your car, or if you're like me, out to the bus stop and then off to the show.

we are packed and ready to go

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